Mastering is the final stage of the complete production process. In essence, it is the stage where the final “polish” is added to the completed mix, preparing your music for commercial, radio and digital distribution. Some of the components utilized during the mastering process can include application of EQ, compression, stereo image adjustment and volume maximization. In the context of an album, mastering is also used to gain a cohesive and consistent sound throughout. Mastering is the final stage in ensuring your music plays well on all audio systems from a car stereo, to an iPod or single speaker system to a big nightclub sound system. Mastering can also include preparation of a master CD for duplication. Today’s standards of music production are the highest they have ever been. Mastering your recording is the final step in getting a radio-ready, professional sounding product – a necessity in keeping up with audio quality standards. Because proper mastering is a highly sophisticated process, extensive knowledge of the craft is fundamental. That’s why Adonda Records is proud to be associated with 8-time Grammy® winner Tom K. Pick. With Tom, mastering is a song by song process emphasizing the sonic quality of each track, always seeking to maintain the dynamics and quality of the original recording. If you need your recording professionally mastered, contact us for pricing and scheduling.