With over 60 years of production experience, you can be assured that with Harrison Tyner and Tom Pick your project will be in good hands. “In Nashville everyone says, ‘It all begins with a song’. But, a song is not a song until it’s sung” (Harold Bradley). Creating an artist’s signature sound requires thoughtful planning and arrangement. In order to stand out from the crowd every process of production must be well thought out. First and foremost it all starts with the song. If you already have material that is strong and competitive that’s great. If not we’ll help with the repertoire. Secondly we always work with the best Nashville studio musicians, helping interpret our arrangements and ideas. Every aspect, from publishing, pre-production, recording, vocals, overdubs, mixing/mastering, graphics and manufacturing, will be handled with expert care. This will hopefully provide the artist with a competitive edge that is so much required to succeed in the business of music. Still, it is vital to remember the insightful words of the Better Business Bureau: “No Company Can Guarantee Your success. You should recognize that your talents, no matter how outstanding, may have little or no commercial potential and you should expect nothing more than self-satisfaction from the experience.”